Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Syd visits Family in Louisville...

Cousins Shayna, Asher, Adena, and Micah celebrate Syd's arrival!

Pop Pop Phil is happy to hold his grandson Syd

Faces of Five Scary Cousins!

Syd Sits in Leaves

Syd up in an Apple Tree.

Syd's First Family Portrait.

Brother Shuggie admires Syd and his Louisville Family.

Syd visits Family in Minnesota

Cousins Noa & Ari Surround Baby Sydney.

Baba holds Syd close to her heart.

Syd learns that this playmat is just like the one he has at his house.

Deda talks about world peace with Syd.

Cousins Noa, Ari, and Elan give Syd their love.